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One Touch Premium Classic Condoms

One Touch Premium Classic condoms are a better condom for a better experience. Classic does not mean boring, as some people tend to believe. One Touch Classic condoms are far from boring. They are uniquely shaped, making the application process effortless. They are made to flare out at the end, so they will glide on easily. Easy application leads to a more pleasurable experience.

One Touch Premium Classic condoms are thinly designed, but they are durable as well. This means that both partners can have a more pleasurable experience that feels more like normal without the worry of breakage. One Touch Classic feels extremely close to wearing nothing at all. Some women prefer not to use condoms containing spermicide. One Touch Premium Classic condoms contain none. This can lead to a better experience for women without the possible burning sensation that is sometimes accompanied by spermicide. Without the possible side effects, women can enjoy the moment fully without lingering worries. Lubrication is the key to pleasurable sex. Without lubrication, the experience will likely not be good for either partner.

One Touch Premium Classic condoms are well-lubricated in order to make the moment as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. One Touch Classic condoms are also designed to be a better fit for most. A better fit means less distraction. This is not only good for men, but it also means more pleasure for women. Enjoy the moment without the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Intimacy is supposed to be a time for spontaneity and pleasure, so lose the worry. Have a better experience with a better condom. One Touch Premium Classic is designed for pleasure. Find out how a better fitting and thinly made condom can spice up your love life while protecting you and your partner at the same time.